Share and Corporate Information

Share and Corporate Information

Share Information

Date of Listing 13 April 2016
Number of Listed Shares 200,000,000
Par Value / Share 0.5 EGP (fifty piasters)
Authorized Capital 800,000,000 EGP (eight hundred million Egyptian Pound) 
Issued Capital 100,000,000 EGP (one hundred million Egyptian Pounds)
Paid-Up Capital 100,000,000 EGP (one hundred million Egyptian Pounds)

Shareholder Structure

Care Healthcare: 80%

Free Float: 20%

Corporate Information

Year Founded 1979
Commercial Registration Number Commercial Registration number 199393 dated 6/11/1979 Commercial Registry Office, Cairo
Fiscal Year January 1st to December 31st
Law of Governance Law (8) 1997, and Law (95) 1992
Auditor Name Mr. Ahmed Gamal Hamd Atrees
  Mr Tamer Salah ElDin AbdelTawab
  Mansour &Co. Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)
Purpose of Company

As stated in the commercial registry and article (3) of the company’s articles of incorporation: Establishment of a private hospital containing 70 beds, with a whole floor of Outpatient Clinics, Diagnostics Radiology Unit, Physical Therapy Unit and a Pharmacy, and these are for:

  • Providing modern and up-to-date healthcare and medical care
  • Establishing a CT Scan unit
  • Building an extension with 80 beds, 3 Operating Theaters, 1 Labor Ward, 1 Electronic Centralized Sterilization Unit, 10 neonate incubators, and Outpatient Clinics including new specialties: Dentist clinic, comprehensive pathology lab, small Operating Theater, a pharmacy for the patients and a cafeteria. Also purchasing new machinery: MRI  machine, GAMA camera, Panorama x-ray, mammogram, RCR, central air conditioning, and a new fire sprinklers system.
Headquarters 39/41 Cleopatra street- Heliopolis- Cairo

El Nile Badrawy Hospital Company S.A.E.


El Shorouk Hospital Company S.A.E.

  Specialized Cairo Hospital Company S.A.E